in the life of a ninja named Link

"I guess in the end, all I have is myself.

And I don’t even want me…”

I know what me last thought will be before i die… I love you
I miss you more then you can ever know

Some times when i lie down to sleep at night, i cant help but cry a little knowing that my very bones are missing your touch, and when i think about you through out the day, i think of you in colors that do not exist, i want to scream, i miss you so much, i want to hold you, i want to kiss you in public, i wanna hold your hand, i want to tell you all the things that cross my mind, i want you to know how wonderful you are, i wish for you to know how beautiful you are to me, i wish you knew that i can think about the future without including you, i cant help but look forward to random bits of, i sometime wish i had the courage to tell you everything, i wish to be by your side everyday, i want to share my hopes for us wit you, i hate being afraid, i can’t stand not having you here with me, i may be miles away but i still fall more in love with you everyday, i love our long talks at night, i love it when you laugh, i love the sound of your voice, i love the way the second you say hello my heart starts to race , i love the way you love me, i love the way you get frustrated or confused sometimes, i love the way you hate my phone for losing calls, i love you, and i always will, no matter what, i promise i will always be there, i promise to always be faithful, i promise to put you first, i promise to be the one you love, i promise to always lend my shoulder, i promise to call back when i lose calls, or if you hang up, i promise to always say i love you and goodnight b4 bed, i promise to hold you close and never let go, i promise to say I’m sorry when Ive done wrong, i promise to follow you after a fight to apologize and hug you and tell you it’ll all be alright, i promise to never lose sight, i promise to always lend you my hoodie when your cold, i promise to think about you non-stop, i promise to cuddle with you every night, i promise to come back, and never leave again, i promise to be a good listener, i promise you to put all of my self in this relationship, i promise i will never change my mind, i think ive been rambling to long, and it probably all sounds dumb, but  i can’t help it i just am so in love with you,and i honestly can’t imagine a day without you, i can’t even imagine where i would be without you, your my world, my everything, my shining star, my angel, my muse, my one and only and ok im done,  I LOVE YOU